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"Hide and Seek"

Short story. 

Lemon Zest. 2018.

“I ran because it was the only thing I could do. I ran towards the forest and I ran through the trees until I couldn’t hear him behind me any more. He wouldn’t follow me in here. He hated the woods. (…)”


"The Room That Bled"

Flash fiction

Some Shape of Beauty. Grimbold Books. 2016.

“The cold, hard wall pressed against her back. Her arms wrapped around her knees like weak, pale chains. Those tying her to the floor were not weak. She could see the sky through the window. No stars and no moon. Just a pitch black sky stretched over the rooftops. It had rained that day, so little drops were racing down the smooth surface of the glass as if the window were crying. She stared blankly at them and thought about how empty the night was. (…)”

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